Jarrett Rifles

Wind Walker

“ I traveled half way around the world knowing I may only
get that one long shot. Naturally, I took a Jarrett Wind Walker!”
~ Gary Hansen, new World Record Argali


For strenuous hunts, Wind Walker is the rifle to take, as evidenced by two recent World Records in the high Gobi Desert, Mongolia. To take full advantage of the Wind Walker’s weight reduction features, choose the Jarrett carbon fiber stock upgrade option for a rifle weight of 6.5 pounds, unscoped. With the standard Jarrett ADL stock, Wind Walker weighs in at just 7 pounds, unscoped.

Like our popular Signature Series, the Wind Walker is 100% Jarrett made. Wonderfully balanced, weighing enough to shoot superbly, it’s barrel, action and blind magazine stock are Jarrett designed and built to work together in a rifle that will increase your success without hampering your stamina!

There’s more to Wind Walker’s accuracy magic: its barrel has a specially devised taper that features Jarrett’s 1/10th deviation standard full length. We crown it at 24” and add the muzzle brake to counter recoil and unwanted barrel rise. This rifle also features the ultra-reliable Jarrett Tri-Lock action described in the Signature series, in a right hand or complete left hand configuration. Out in the field, you’ll appreciate Jarrett’s proprietary stock and metal coatings that protect your rifle against harsh environments and climate conditions.

For the Wind Walker, we recommend a premium 4 x 12 scope such as Zeiss, Swarovski, or Schmidt & Bender, mounted with the best-in-the-business mounting system, Talley Manufacturing’s rings and bases.

Each Wind Walker also receives our thorough break-in and exacting custom load development. You’ll receive 20 rounds of that ammunition, plus the last three targets it shot. Your Wind Walker comes with our Jarrett Guarantee: use and inspect your rifle for 30 days. If you’re not pleased, send the rifle back for a full refund.

To learn more about the Wind Walker and how it can change your hunting success,
please contact Jarrett Rifles at 803.471.3616