Jarrett Rifles

The Shikar Series

Wood that Works

Jarrett Rifles offers a brilliant solution for the age-old problem with wood stocked rifles -- varying humidity means varying accuracy. Jarrett’s answer, called “Wood that Works,” is now available in their spectacular new Shikar Series.

Employing a totally new concept in wood stocked rifles, Jarrett uses its own CNC machines to fabricate a stabilizing 6061 aluminum chassis. The chassis is fitted and epoxied into a stock carved from a gorgeous blank of 28-year-old American black walnut. A Jarrett Tri-Lock receiver is then lightly bedded into the chassis and a hand-lapped super accurate Jarrett barrel is completely free floated in an epoxy lined barrel channel. Lastly, a thoroughly tested two-part epoxy barrier is applied to the stock’s outer surface, resulting in a durable, completely moisture impervious finish.

Available in three stock patterns, English, Estate, and Ultimate Classic, each repeater Shikar features hand cut checkering, trap door floor plate, Decelerator pad and Talley rings and bases. Jarrett’s Shikar Series produces unrivaled accuracy, absolute reliability and is guaranteed not to change point of impact under any climate condition. For those who love the classic rifle look, the Shikar Series’ utter beauty, durability and accuracy of “Wood that Works” will delight you.

To learn more about the Shikar and how it can change your hunting success,
please contact Jarrett Rifles at 803.471.3616