Jarrett Rifles

Selecting A Jarrett Rifle

“There are many variables in hunting; your Jarrett rifle will not be one of them.”
~ Kenny Jarrett

Each Jarrett rifle has unique characteristics. The Long Ranger Model
shoots 4 inch, 3 shot groups at 800 yards. Hunting and Target Models Available.


Jarrett rifle barrels

When you choose a Jarrett rifle, its proprietary receiver, barrel, and stock have been designed, produced and fitted by Kenny Jarrett and his skilled craftsmen to attain absolute reliability coupled with phenomenal accuracy. From the 1100 hand lapped strokes each Jarrett barrel receives to produce our 1/10th of 1/1000th bore deviation, to the 150 rounds fired through each rifle on our own range to insure its optimal functionality, our exacting manufacturing process is unique among American rifle manufacturers.

Award Winning Performance since 1979

Jarrett Wind Walker
Gobi Desert, Mongolia: Trevor Ahlberg
established a new World’s Record for
Argali with his Jarrett WindWalker.

Our shared passion for perfection has resulted in a multitude of national shooting competition victories for Jarrett Rifles and the establishment of 16 World Records in bench rest shooting. When you make the decision to move up to a Jarrett rifle, such extraordinary performance is yours to be had in the field.

Our Goal: Your Hunting Success

We cordially invite you to peruse the information describing our rifle models and their special characteristics. Each is designed to uniquely address various types of game, hunting conditions and hunting styles. Furthermore, after each firearm is built to order, a custom ammunition load is developed specifically for that gun and your optimal hunting success. Twenty custom rounds accompany each new rifle along with the last three targets it shot, demonstrating your rifle’s exceptional accuracy. Jarrett’s painstaking load development service is the finishing touch on the performance of each of their custom rifles, and just the beginning of your pleasurable experiences and success hunting with a Jarrett.

A History of Excellent Customer Service

Jarrett Customer Service

We are pleased to answer your questions and provide additional facts that will help you make an informed selection of a precision Jarrett rifle or a finely built gun on your factory action. Please contact us at 803.471.3616 to discuss how we may best meet your needs. Tell us about the hunt you have in mind, the weather and terrain conditions expected, and we’ll provide the optimal rifle, finish and scope for your hunt.

For more than three decades we have been turning clients’ dreams into their fondest memories. We achieve that by listening carefully to you, our customer. That extraordinarily successful approach continues to define our clients’ experience of the word “custom” with each rifle we make for them, whether their first purchase or their most recent. It is an approach instilled by Kenny Jarrett, Founder, carried forward by Jarrett’s next generation, Jay and Rissa Jarrett, and exemplified by every rifle produced by Jarrett Rifles’ highly skilled craftsmen..

Today, choose a custom rifle from Jarrett Rifles, “Where Perfection is Our Product,” and experience for yourself an exciting new realm of hunting success and enjoyment!