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Next to your rifle purchase, your most important decision is choosing the correct scope. Our personal experience with scopes, plus extensive field input from our customer base, can help you make the right choice for this critical component of your rifle package.

In the rifle world, the majority of the big profits go to the optics folks, not the rifle makers. Because of this, scope manufacturers compete fiercely to include every imaginable new gimmick they think hunters will buy. Unfortunately, it’s a mechanical fact that as more options are packed into the confines of a scope tube, the likelihood of failure increases. Therefore, our first piece of advice: keep it simple while still getting the job done.

For long range shooting, use a reticle with fixed aiming points (bars, dots, or whatever) for various distances. For instance, the third bar down from the crosshair is dead-on at 400 yards. Cranking elevation knobs for long shots is not dependable; there’s a long history of failure to prove it. Therefore, Jarrett Rifles doesn’t recommend them.

An extra scope mounted and pre-zeroed is a must to carry on all big dollar hunts. Wrap it in a T-shirt, put it in the middle of your luggage, and if your primary scope breaks, the spare can be attached in seconds on our rifles, pre-zeroed and ready to go.

The scope lines we use and recommend are Zeiss, Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski and Meopta. The scope world has changed a lot recently; supply and demand are often an issue. The Meopta has become the best value for the money in European scopes. Between these companies, we can match the model or models that meet your needs. Customers are welcome to supply their own scope, which we are happy to mount and zero on their new Jarrett.


Talley rings

Scopes and mounts are both “big dollar” after-market items when you’re putting together your rifle package. Choosing a Jarrett rifle means that you’re choosing accuracy and stepping up to a new level of successful hunting. Don’t let that be diminished by rings and bases that can ruin a great target opportunity!

We always choose Talley Manufacturing, Inc., for our rings and bases. Precision machined on CNC equipment, each ring is perfectly round and fits the scope and base flawlessly. Quite frankly, our mounting problems went away when we started using Talley rings and bases.

We knew immediately just how good the Talley system is; now the world knows!