Jarrett Rifles

Ridge Walker

“Thanks for a great rifle! It shoots great and it
makes climbing mountains and walking much easier!”

~ Richard Childress


When our customers returned from their strenuous mountain hunts and requested a lighter gun, we listened! We’ve created the Ridge Walker, combining the best features from our most popular models and possessing Jarrett Rifles’ legendary accuracy!

The Ridge Walker’s weight, at 7.25 pounds unscoped, falls between our eight pound Signature and the Wind Walker at 6.25 pounds, unscoped. It is the ideal choice for the occasional mountain hunter and the avid deer hunter. Like our popular Signature Series, the Ridge Walker is 100% Jarrett made. Featuring the Jarrett’s ultra-reliable Tri-Lock receiver in complete left hand or right hand configuration, we used an aluminum floor plate for weight reduction, and Talley rings and bases. The barrel is a Jarrett 3 taper lapped to 1/10th of 1/1000th and crowned at 25 inches. The rifle can come with or without brake, or with a brake kit that includes brake, cap and wrench.

Our Jarrett designed stock for the Ridge Walker is carbon fiber for weight reduction, in a classic style with slender forearm and pistol grip. Choose from Jarrett’s weather resistant array of phenolic metal finishes and durable stock colors for a rifle finish that stands up to the harsh conditions of high mountain hunting.

Each Ridge Walker also receives our thorough break-in and exacting custom load development. You’ll receive 20 rounds of that ammunition, plus the last three targets it shot. Your Ridge Walker comes with our Jarrett Guarantee: use and inspect your rifle for 30 days. If you’re not pleased, send the rifle back for a full refund.

Contact us to obtain a Jarrett Catalog and to discuss the perfect Jarrett Rifle for your next hunt!