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“Our actions are made from the very best materials, and my receiver design, the ultra stable Tri-Lock, has set the industry standard for reliability. Our in-house manufacturing integrity of the Tri-Lock action, barrel and stock produces America’s Most Accurate Hunting Rifle! After all, our pride, and our customer’s satisfaction and joy of ownership, is at stake in every rifle we make!” 

~ Kenny Jarrett   

Jarrett’s Tri-Lock receiver
revolutionized long range rifle reliability.


The Jarrett Tri-Lock receiver is the result of our self-imposed pursuit of the highest accuracy and dependability standards. Creating it in-house was the only way we could truly control the quality and firing results of every rifle we made. The receiver had to be better than anything available and more user friendly. With the help of Mike Irwin, a very talented young man, we spent a year and a half perfecting our action until it was flawlessly dependable.

The Tri-Lock, including the receiver body, is made of the toughest space age steel, 15-5 stainless. The action has no stamping, broaching, or welding anywhere, thus its machining by state-of-the-art CNC and EDM equipment leaves the Tri-Lock stress and distortion free.

Jarrett’s innovative Tri-Lock has three lugs instead of two, creating 50% more sectional area. The cartridges are unilaterally supported at three points rather than two. For true in-line precise feeding, the bolt lugs interlock with the rails. The Tri-Lock’s interchangeable feed rails (the only ones in the industry) interface with the in-line feeding system. A bolt bushing adds to the Tri-Lock’s concentric alignment and seals the action during firing. These features translate into super quick lock time, minimizing aim drift during firing. The bolt throw is a lightning fast 60 degrees! For those with big hands, this creates greater clearance between bolt and scope, a definite asset. The Tri-Lock is now available in either short action, standard or magnum bolt face, right or left hand configuration.

For other hunting needs, you’ll also find a semi-integral recoil lug for switch barrel capabilities.

left-handde receiver

Jarrett’s Left Hand Tri-Lock Receiver

New! Left Hand Tri-Lock Receiver

We knew the shooting world needed a safe, dependable left-handed receiver with the accuracy record of the Tri-Lock. The result is a full mirror image left-hand receiver, not a semi-converted right-handed model. It has all the Tri-Lock features including a 60 degree bolt throw sealed on cock feature, interchangeable feed rail, and the industry’s fastest lock time. If you are left-handed, we can now deliver your dream rifle custom made completely in house here at Jarrett Rifles. Give us a call now to get a low serial number!

New! Jarrett Tri-Lock Short Action

Jarrett Short Action receiver
Jarrett’s Tri-Lock Short Action Receiver

The terrific new Jarrett short action Tri-Lock is available in all standard bolt face cartridges in .308 Boltface, .223, .17 Remington and PPC single shot or repeater calibers. With the many innovations and features of the Tri-Lock, the quality cannot only be seen, but felt. Certainly one would be perfect for you!

Rest assured that the Tri-Lock is truly a "better mousetrap" whether in left, right or short action configurations. With its increased accuracy and utter dependability, Tri-Lock’s innovative design is a further example of the painstaking engineering that has garnered accolades from the industry and given Jarrett Rifles a stellar reputation among serious hunters, gun writers, and fellow gun makers.

Jarrett Rifle Barrels

Jarrett Barrels

In the 1980’s, during his quest for the ultimate in hunting rifle accuracy, Kenny Jarrett discovered that 27% of the high quality barrels he was buying would not shoot to his standard of sub one minute. These barrels were well built to the bench rest standard of the day, which required a bore diameter with a consistency of 3/10ths of a thousandth from the breech to the muzzle. Kenny determined that to achieve 1/2 M.O.A. performance, a barrel must have a deviation of no more than 1/10th of a thousandth. No one manufactured a barrel with that standard, so Jarrett began its proprietary barrel program. Each barrel receives 1100 hand lapped strokes to achieve the 1/10th of a thousandth deviation, assuring performance that has set a new industry standard.