Jarrett Rifles

Kenny Jarrett on the The Jarrett Difference



Jarrett rifle barrels

1. “When I found that 27% of the highest quality barrels on the market would not shoot to my accuracy standard of sub one minute, I began producing Jarrett barrels with a deviation no more than 1/10th of a thousandth. This was the beginning of the Jarrett Accuracy Difference.

computer precision

2. Mass production of rifle actions led to a downturn in quality that wasn’t acceptable if my rifles were to meet my reliability standards. My solution was the ultra-stable Jarrett Tri-Lock receiver, built on my own CNC machinery. Total control of the action and barrel quality allows me to comfortably guarantee that every Jarrett Rifle will shoot a ½ M.O.A., a benchmark in the industry. The Tri-Lock can be ordered in a complete left hand or right hand configuration, or as a short action in right hand.

stocks and metals

3. My next step was to begin our proprietary stock program so that each Jarrett Rifle model has a customized stock with the appropriate strength, weight and design to support superlative shooting through its balance, smooth handling, and ability to withstand the elements. We offer a range of proprietary color treatments for our fiberglass, ADL and carbon fiber stocks that do an excellent job of the latter, and are handsome to boot. Phenolic metal coatings are coordinated with stock colors to create combinations that fit every hunting environment. Customers who love the classic gunroom look of a finely figured stock will be delighted with our exceptional Black Walnut. Our new Shikar stocks with a guaranteed all-weather finish are examples of the wood’s outstanding beauty and quality.

Beanfield closeup

4. We have thirty years experience choosing the best scopes for our rifles and the ones we use and recommend are Zeiss, Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski and Meopta. Next to your rifle purchase, your most important decision is choosing the correct scope and we’re happy make a recommendation based on your quarry, terrain, and the challenges of your hunt.

5. When rings and bases ruin a great target opportunity, it’s a hard lesson. Scopes and mounts are both expensive after-market items in a rifle package, but they are also determining factors in your success. Our choice for mounts is Talley Manufacturing, Inc. Their perfectly CNC machined rings fit scope and base flawlessly, ensuring accurate scoping.

6. Every part of a Jarrett custom rifle contributes to the total fit and feel that is the perfect combination for each customer, and the trigger mechanism is no exception. We utilize Shilen as our standard trigger, and Jewell as our upgrade option, set correctly to achieve smooth, accurate firing.

Professional Hunter
Each Jarrett Rifle has unique characteristics. In the African
tradition, the Professional Hunter has a solid quarter rib,
banded front sling stud and a hooded, banded front sight.

7. Each Jarrett rifle has unique characteristics that make it purpose built. Whether it is a blind magazine feature for weight reduction, an aluminum floor plate for the same purpose, a muzzle brake, or the correct fittings for the African hunting tradition, your custom Jarrett rifle will be equipped for optimal functionality to hunt the quarry you’ve chosen.

handloaded ammo

Our perfection of long range hunting rifles using proprietary Jarrett components wouldn’t be complete without perfecting the ammunition that would be used in them! Therefore, an exacting custom load development is made for every Jarrett rifle we produce. 20 rounds are supplied with the rifle, along with the last three targets it shot -- tangible proof of your rifle’s capabilities and the success and enjoyment you will experience as a Jarrett Rifle owner! You may purchase your load development from us, or handload it yourself from the formula. For advice on calibers, enjoy “Pet Calibers” on this site, and when you’ve decided on ammo for your next hunt, place your order here for Jarrett Trophy Ammunition and Jarrett Jackhammer Solids.

Together, all these features make up the Jarrett Difference, the result of my quest to perfect the long range hunting rifle. It’s a joy and pleasure that you will share every time you shoot a Jarrett Rifle. Give me a call to discuss the Jarrett rifle perfect for your next hunting adventure!”

~ Kenny Jarrett, Jarrett Rifles