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Jarrett Jackhammer Solids

Jarrett Jackhammer Solids

When suddenly faced with a raging, charging elephant, smooth feeding Jackhammer Solids are the only choice!

In our quest for perfection, we have developed the Jarrett Jackhammer Solid, specifically designed with the stopping power necessary for large, dangerous, fast-moving game. Crafted from propeller bronze, it possesses a round nose instead of a flat nose, thus eliminating feeding problems inherent in bolt action rifles. We also relieved some of the groove area, thereby increasing velocity, an important consideration when stopping power is everything. Jarrett Jackhammer Solids are available in .375, .416 and .450.

If you demand the best, then Jarrett’s Trophy Ammunition, Jackhammer Solids and unfired brass is the ultimate answer. Jarrett ammunition can eliminate ammunition failures, bullet failures, and enhance accuracy. Don’t gamble your next hunt with anything less than Jarrett Ammunition!

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