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Jarrett Rifles Restores Accuracy to Any Rifle

A rifle that is not accurate is no better than a pocket full of firecrackers.

If you have one or more rifles from any manufacturer that no longer fires accurately, send them to Jarrett Rifles for a FREE accuracy evaluation by our master gunsmith. There is NO CHARGE for the inspection and evaluation. We’ll provide a detailed quote for your approval to repair the problem and restore accuracy to your rifle. If you choose not to purchase the recommended repair, you will only be charged the return shipping of your rifle.

After 39 years in the rifle business, we’ve seen – and fixed – hundreds of rifles to their peak performance. Let Jarrett Rifles’ master gunsmith restore accuracy to your favorite hunting rifle and make you smile again with every clean shot. Call today! 803.471.3616

Black Rifle Accurizing

Black Rifle

Many “black rifle” owners find their accuracy to be disappointing. If you would like your AR surgically accurate, give us a call today, and make “spray and pray” a thing of the past!

Black Rifle

Our Jarrett Rifles expert gunsmiths have been doing AR-15 type rifle work for many years and now offer this service on all types of “black rifles” in AR-15, M16 and AR type .308.

Our phenomenal “black rifle” accuracy comes from the renowned Jarrett barrels made in .223 1-14 or 1-9 twist, hand lapped to 1/10th of 1/1000th . It is tapered and fitted to your receiver with a military .223 chambering or match .223 chambering. There is an unlimited amount of aftermarket equipment and modification that can be done to this type of weapon. We can supply or do any of these at the customer’s request.

Your accurized AR will feature a new gas block, and a new Jewell trigger fitted and adjusted. New custom round rubber coated forearm and pistol grip will be installed, and the barrel will be coated flat black with phenolic rosin.

Our AR projects have the same exacting ammunition load development that every Jarrett rifle receives, with a 20 round break-in and an accuracy load development for your specific gun. You’ll receive 20 rounds of that hand loaded ammunition, along with it’s load information and the last 3 targets it shot.

Call Jarrett today for all your gunsmithing work: 803.471.3616

Rely on Jarrett’s expert gunsmiths to solve your firearm problems!