Jarrett Rifles

Jarrett Design & Engineering

Jarrett’s Tri-Lock receiver
revolutionized long range rifle reliability.


Your Jarrett rifle is the result of exceptional engineering and design by a craftsman whose extraordinary life has been devoted to the perfection of long range rifles. He is the American firearms legend, Kenny Jarrett. From the outset, Kenny established the absolute highest performance and accuracy standards for his rifles and then met them by designing and manufacturing all major parts to assure their unsurpassed quality. Kenny Jarrett has tested those rifles around the globe, pursuing all manner of game under varied conditions. The Jarrett competitive edge has further been honed through a melding of Kenny’s own vast experience with that of his clients.

Jarrett Performance

Kenny Jarrett’s passion for performance means this: total control of quality and performance by using flawless Jarrett Tri-Lock receivers, his own hand lapped Jarrett barrels, his premium quality Jarrett stocks and the finest components, like Talley rings and bases and excellent triggers. His is an approach unique in the American firearms industry, and the results are obvious in the greater level of success and hunting enjoyment experienced by every new owner of a Jarrett rifle.

Testing Jarrett rifle accuracy

Jarrett Accuracy

Honoring the self-imposed Jarrett accuracy guarantee (1/2 M.O.A.), each client’s rifle is broken in with 150 rounds to assure accuracy and repeatability of the groups, whereupon a custom ammunition load is developed for that particular rifle. Upon completion of the load development, the rifle has its final ballistics workup followed by the final finishing of the metal and stock in colors of the client’s choosing. The Jarrett rifle is shipped with 20 hand loaded custom rounds and the last three targets the rifle shot, tangible proof of Kenny Jarrett’s demand for unrivaled accuracy and absolute reliability.