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Cowden Plantation, located deep in the South Carolina low country, is rich with a bounty of wildlife.  When you slip into the swamps, you'll step back in time as you walk in the shadow of massive cypress trees, guardians of this prized hunting land for almost two thousand years.  Stalk your prey in 10, 000 acres of beautifully managed habitat and experience the tradition and beauty that is Cowden Plantation.

A Wilderness Retreat

Fish at Cowden Plantation
Fish our sparkling waters filled
with bass and bream.

You work hard.  Why not treat yourself, or reward those who work so hard for you?  Get away for a day hunt, plan a weekend outing with your buddies, or take a break from the daily grind and get back to nature at Cowden Plantation. 

On-site meeting facilities are available, as well as lodging for ten. Meals and lodging are included in the hunting fee.  We’re happy to arrange lodging outside of the plantation for parties larger than ten; we've successfully handled groups of up to forty-five. 

Cowden  Plantation swamp
Most Cowden Plantation hunting
is done from baited blinds
on 10,000 acres.

Relax and enjoy Cowden’s natural beauty and you'll find yourself in a very laid-back place; we make hunting fun, not work!  We try to satisfy a variety of hunters of all ages from seniors to youth, both men and women alike.  We'll incorporate your style of hunting — whether you choose to schedule one type of hunt, or a variety.  Mix in a little fishing or take a nature walk and discover some of the 250 species of birds that have been sighted on Cowden.  Take the time to sharpen your eye for the hunt on our shooting ranges, from 50 to 1000 yards.

Whatever your wildlife pleasure, you can find it at Cowden Plantation.  The land has been taken care of for thousands of years.  Come to Cowden Plantation and let the land take care of you.

The History of the Hunt

Cowden Plantation's fresh water lakes
Enjoy the clean fresh water
lakes on Cowden Plantation

From prehistoric hunters, to Native Americans, to the esteemed governor who occupied its mansion, and the master rifle craftsman who lives there today, all have shared a deep abiding love for the land known as Cowden Plantation. 

Ancient artifacts, left behind thousands of years ago, tell the tale of tribes of hunters who relied on this land for their survival.  Vast swamplands and flowing waters provided generously for Native Americans several hundred years ago.  Antebellum days brought King Cotton to Cowden under the ownership of James Henry Hammond, a South Carolina governor whose home, Redcliffe, still proudly stands. 

Cowden  Plantation swamp
Step back in time as you wander
among the shadows of massive
cypress trees.

Today, Cowden Plantation offers the same beauty and wildlife that men throughout history have cherished. It is home to Kenny Jarrett, the master craftsman of the renowned Jarrett Rifle.  A 10,000 acre wildlife and game preserve, Cowden Plantation is dedicated to the conservation and management of wild game and their natural habitat.  You'll find Carolina forests filled with trophy whitetail deer at home with wild boar & turkey.  Sparkling waters are filled with bass and bream, and a variety of waterfowl.  Nature at its finest -- hunted for centuries and still unspoiled today.

Please review the particulars about hunting and fishing Cowden, and our travel directions. We look forward to meeting you!


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